Fish Meets Grill 

Music Video Length: 5 minutes 49 seconds

Audio: Beautiful Stranger by Madonna 

Screened at VM Art Gallery 

In 2012, a whale shark was caught off Karachi’s harbour. The bizarre and theatrical footage of it being hauled up by cranes readying it for auction by local fishermen is available on YouTube if you search for ‘whale shark Karachi’. As a child I was under the naive impression that whales were far too mythical and serenely beautiful to ever bother swimming towards my city’s murky grey coast. I briefly remember reeling from the nausea of finally seeing the dead fish on the news and I started to imagine the whale’s stench every time we drove near the beach in Clifton. This propelled me to start hallucinating about how our city would react if an actual mermaid - the most hyper fantasised creature of the underwater world - were to be found on our beaches? What would those series of accounts look like?

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 2.05.16 PM.png

 Screenshots of 'Fish Meets Grill' 

Access to the video is upon the artist's discretion 

Cleansed and Purified 

Length: 3 minutes 20 seconds

Audio: Lacrimosa by Mozart

Exhibited in December 2018, at Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts and AAN Gandhara Art Space for 'The Hills to the Sea' 

Human beings have an endless fascination with beautifying and ‘purifying’ oneself to be fairer and softer until the idea of our identity is about the role we are obliged to play.  There is a bathing ritual originating from the Zoroastrian population of ancient Persia which utilises milk and rose petals as a tradition to celebrate a Zoroastrian child’s one year old birthday. The recreation of the bathing ritual looks into the paradoxical relationship between contemporary realities and esoteric customs.

Screenshot 2018-11-18 at 14.32.28 copy.j
Cleansed and Purified - Screenshot of fi
Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 22.28.01.png

Men Doing Manly Things 


Length: 2 minutes 04 seconds 

Exhibited in September 2017 at AAN Gandhara Art Space,Karachi, Pakistan for The Past As Present

What does it mean to be the perfect Parsi man? How ambitious does he have to be? How cultured should his family be? What size is his pheta? What car does he drive and where did he graduate from?

There is a tendency for wealthy communities dwelling in post colonial cities such as Karachi, to elevate their sons into model human beings; they are the ultimate investment of the family and are heirs to both the materialistic and intangible legacies of their community.


From wearing hats and crowns to t-shirts and joggers, men have naturally evolved into complicated 21st century beings with personal eccentricities and continue to reject gender roles. Yet, how much has his sense of entitlement changed over the years?